The Ursus team is a multidisciplinar group of students, academics and robotics enthusiasts from different universities that work together in designing, building and programming intelligent service and social robots. Our current platform is Ursus, a two-arm mobile manipulator designed and built by our team that can be acquired commercially by request. We have also developed a component-oriented, distributed robotics framework called RoboComp that is used as the underlying software to build, integrate, maintain and deploy all algorithms and functional parts running in the robots. Finally, our team is currently working on a new cognitive, multimodal, HRI-oriented, agent-based architecture called CORTEX, that gathers together agents around a shared graph representation of the robot and its environment. We are configuring this architecture to exhibit the behaviors needed in RoCKIn.

RoCKIn 2014:

Ursus team won two of the three functional benchmarks at RoCKin 2014 in Tolouse, France. FBM1 - “Object Perception” and FBM3 - “Speech Understanding”.